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About Us

Who we are?

We are a group of AI researchers who have been doing researches and developing customized AI systems for more than 20 years. Unlike most of the AI practitioners today, who only focus mostly on using existing tools to develop their systems, with our experiences in AI research and development, we are able to develop customized solutions (including invent new algorithms) according to detailed requirements of each business. In other words, when designing an AI system, for us, no predefined solution is set, based on business's requirements, strengths & weaknesses of all possible machine learning algorithms are taken into considerations.

AI Winter?

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We have already been through 2 "AI Winter", careful of the 3rd one!!

AI is a field that recently receive a lot of attentions from businesses. Lots of claims/promises and resources have been put into the field. Unfortunately, based on our experiences, the road for AI has never been a smooth one. Therefore, businesses who would like to utilize AI technologies have to be really caution, especially on what you wish for.


Hype is common for most of the newly introduced technologies. The term "AI Winter" has been coined to refer to a situation where interest (particularly funding) has been dropped due to disappointment of businesses. There have already been 2 AI Winter in the past, where the 2nd one occurred in the late 1990’s.  The setback occurred because of over-claims made by a number of scientists in the community, which led businesses to unrealistic expectations from AI technologies.


Just like every technology existed today, there is no such thing as a silver bullet that can deal with every problem. With high expectations of the businesses today, what a number of AI scientists worry is the 3rd AI Winter could be just around the corner, if we keep over-claiming what can be done by the AI systems. 

What we believe?

Every business problem is unique


Regardless of the type of technologies used in businesses, the main goal of spending on technologies is to "solve a certain problem(s)" for businesses.  With regard to the problems of businesses, since each of the businesses can consist of large number of different components, structures and constraints, in most cases, each of these problems are unique. To our knowledge, for example, there is no single or universally applied "Loan Approval Process" used in banks, every bank detecting "Transaction Frauds" by using different way of thinking, and every organization we met treat issues occurred with their mobile applications differently. Consequently, each of these problems require unique solution to deal with it.

There is NO such thing as a "Silver Bullet" in AI


Depending on its complexity in solving a problem, each of the AI system consists of one or more components. Example of these components include machine learning algorithms, knowledge representations, and reasoning engine. Since the field is not new, there are hundreds of these different components existed in the field. Each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as a silver bullet approach that can be applied in any domain or solve any problem. 

Regardless of various claims in AI community, developing an AI system is not just drag-and-drop from a tools. News about AI projects failure, which mostly because of the systems do not meet specific requirements of business, can be found everyday. For us, every problem has to be truly analysed. Then, specialists in all related fields are required in order to understand the problem, and come up with a design. Finally, solution has to be uniquely customized by putting together the most appropriate component(s) in developing an AI system.

Brainstorm to Success
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